Who’s polluting my neighborhood?

New database makes searching for chemical, climate data faster, easier.

APRIL 3, 2024 – A revolutionary tool unveiled today will make it easier to find data on companies that release harmful chemicals into the environment and contribute to climate change. provides facility-level information about environmental violations and toxic-chemical and greenhouse-gas pollution at 21,000 facilities that report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The tool, a project of DataKind, Until Justice Data Partners, Material Research L3C and Public Health Watch, represents a major advance in data accessibility: it makes multiple federal databases available in one place, allowing users to avoid government websites that can be difficult to navigate and interpret.

The tool allows users – including journalists, advocates, researchers and members of the public – to do the following:

  • Find data from the EPA’s Toxics Inventory Releases (TRI), Greenhouse Gas Reporting System (GHGRP) and Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) programs
  • Search for facilities by ZIP code, substance or parent company
  • Discover top-polluting companies and facilities for each TRI chemical
  • Learn the potential health effects of each chemical

Future versions of the tool will include community-gathered data, weather-pattern datasets, data visualizations and maps, and will capture emissions from companies outside the U.S.

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