Thanks for exploring the new FencelineData.org!

We are still developing FencelineData.org's first version so not all features have been completed and there will be new content and functions coming online over the next several weeks. Here is what is available to now:

  • Full 2022 data sets from the EPA's TRI, GHG, and ECHO programs
  • Chemical hazard profiles for EPA TRI chemicals of concern
  • Search for facilities by zip code
  • Click a county name in any search results to search for facilities by county
  • Click a company name in any search results to search for facilities by company including a company summary of releases
  • Search for facilities by company name
  • Search for facilities by substance name or CAS number, includes summary of top releasing companies and facilities for that substance
  • Click any facility name to view the facilities profile, including maps, releases of concern summaries, and a full list of 2022 substance releases. Click the ^ to expand a releases health and environmental hazards

There are still some known issues and we are working on them: for example some searches may be slow for very large companies and heavily released substances. But we did not want to wait any longer before getting this early version into the hands of communities, journalists, and researchers. Please share your feedback and thoughts with us!